Dear Prospective SRSC Administrative Assistant,

Thank you for your interest in working for SRSC! We are a community-minded athletic training facility dedicated to making people’s lives better. We offer individual and group training in pursuit of health and fitness. We provide a safe and supportive community for everyone, and truly love what we do. Our program meets the needs of competitive and recreational athletes looking for better performance and injury prevention, as well as people who simply want to stay healthy and increase longevity and quality of life.

We have been in business for over seven years, and are currently experiencing a period of rapid growth. As our business continues to grow, so do our staffing needs, particularly on the administrative end of things.

We are looking for an organized and friendly administrative assistant with excellent written and verbal communication skills, experience with customer service, sales, and computers, and a desire to help people, to join our excellent staff.

Core Competencies:

These qualities are what matter most to us when hiring a new member for our team. You can learn the skills of the job, but you can’t learn these things. You are a good fit for us only if these resonate strongly with you, and you can demonstrate their practice in your life:

Honesty and Integrity You tell the truth. You don’t cut corners ethically. You know what you believe in and stand for, and you walk the walk. You do what you say you’re going to do.
Direct and Effective Communication You say what you means and you mean what you says. You speak plainly and truthfully. Addresse and resolve conflict. Write, read, and speak clearly and well.
Teamwork You want to be part of a winning team and create success for the team as a whole. You collaborate and share with peers. You see weaknesses in the team as the responsibility of everyone to improve.
Strong Work Ethic You possess a strong willingness to work hard and sometimes long hours to get the job done. You have a track record of working hard.
Openness to Criticism and New Ideas You solicit feedback. Are open to critique and react calmly to negative feedback. You don’t take things personally. Always want to improve.
High Standards You always seek to improve and be better. You accept personal challenges as opportunities for learning and growth. You expect personal performance and team performance to be nothing short of the best.
Care for Others You truly care about the goals and progress of our clients and are able to show that to them. You also sincerely care about the well being of your colleagues and community.


These are a few of the tasks we’ll need you to do:

  • Respond to client emails and phone calls:  We get quite a few phone calls and emails every day from our current clients, and you will need to respond to each of these. You need to be comfortable with the phone, and with using email. You will need to have basic spelling and grammar knowledge for email communication.
  • Data entry, billing, and filing: This is basic stuff to keep up with the paper flow. Every new prospect and member needs to be added to a digital database, and you’ll create and manage hardcopy files as well. You will also process all payments for memberships and retail purchases, and monitor missed payments.
  • Internet database management: We will teach you how to use our member database, and you will be responsible for managing it. This involves: creating and keeping track of memberships, billing, maintaining our online calendar, private training sessions, coaching schedules, member attendance.
  • Track New and Renewing Memberships: You will process new memberships, contact members whose contracts are expiring and provide them renewal options, and make sure our new members are accessing the services they need.



Required Skills:

  • Organization and Time Management: You will need to be able to sort through a long list of tasks and prioritize them on a daily and weekly basis in order to use your time most efficiently and get the work done that needs to be done.
  • Mac, Microsoft Word for Mac, and Mail for Mac: You must be very comfortable using a Mac, as that’s what we use here. We use MS Word for Mac, Keynote, Numbers, and Firefox.
  • Good Phone Personality/Etiquette:  You will be talking with my clients, who are VERY important to me, and prospective customers, who are also important.  You must be comfortable conversing on the phone, in person, and through e-mail. You must know how to conduct yourself professionally, take clear messages and deliver clear instructions to the prospect or client.  I’ll teach you everything you need to say and do, but I can’t teach you manners and professionalism.
  • Email: A great deal of your work will be via email, and you need to be very comfortable and proficient with email. As I already noted, spelling and grammar basics are a must.
  • Thoughtfulness and Creativity: I need you to be able to think for yourself and be organized.  I am very serious about this one.  I do not want a robot, I want someone who learns and grows with me.
  • Ability to be firm and friendly at the same time. You will need to establish yourself as both firm and friendly with the clients and prospects. You are there to help them and provide great service, but you will also be responsible for making sure they hold up their end of any agreements or contracts with the business.



Bonus Skills and Experience

  • Experience with CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting, or other competitive sports
  • Bachelor’s Degree or higher
  • Any fitness certifications


How To Apply

If you’re interested in this position, here’s what you need to do to apply:

  1. Write me a letter explaining why you are the perfect person to fill this position.  Include full contact information (name, address, phone, email) in this cover letter.
  2. In a separate document, list at least three references with phone numbers and what your relationship is with the reference (i.e. previous employer, college professor, etc).
  3. Attach the cover letter, references, and your resume and email them to me at info(at)santarosasc(dot)com with the subject line: “I am a direct and effective communicator”

I will review your resume and other information.  If I feel you’re a good prospect, I’ll call or email you to set up a personal interview. Please note that failure to follow these specific instructions will result in no reply from me. Sorry.

The sooner I get your resume, the better. I look forward to reviewing it and hopefully meeting you personally.

Thank you very much for your interest,

Joanna Sapir
Owner, Santa Rosa Strength and Conditioning


P.S. This is not a corporate type of job. I am an entrepreneurial small business owner and you will work directly with me.  This is not the type of job where just showing up is enough.  Performance and the Core Competencies are what matter to me. I want to find a person who has initiative, takes real interest in doing good work and contributing to the growth of the business.