Let’s Talk About the GHD

For the last several weeks we’ve had Glute Ham Raises (GHR) programmed at the end of Tuesday’s Olympic Lifting classes. It’s become clear that most of us don’t know what a Glute Ham Raise is, or how to properly use the GHD, so let’s talk about that. First of all, “GHD” is an acronym for…


Occupy Strength

This past weekend Team CFSR sent 9 athletes to the local meet of CrossFit Football’s nationwide tour of Occupy Strength competitions. Held at CrossFit One World in Union City, the event was well-run and lots of fun. Athletes spent the bulk of the day establishing their “CrossFit Total,” the sum of a 1-rep max Power…


“It’s So Helpful!”

In searching for a picture for this post, I had a myriad of choices. Click on it so you can see it larger. I was looking for an example from the wider CrossFit world of an athlete, finishing up a workout last in his/her heat, getting encouragement from the crowd or fellow athletes. The examples…



Ask one of the regular Olympic Lifting class attendees why they choose this class. Do you wish you could attend but can’t because of scheduling? Are you interested in an evening Oly class? Let us know, we’re expanding our class choices.

Be a Better Athlete: Three Steps

Lots of people think that training more and training harder will get them better results. But working out five, six, or seven times a week and going as hard as you can every time is not going to do that. In fact, that kind of reckless training is simply going to make you…well, a wreck.…


Ukiah Triathlon!

Have you competed at triathlon in the past or have you ever thought about it? Well, the Ukiah Triathlon is around the corner (September 9th), and we already have several CFSR athletes registered. Triathlon is a great way to get outside and put some of your hard earned fitness to work for you in a…