This Saturday: Amanda Miller Memorial Workout

This Saturday’s class at CFSR will be the workout “Amanda,” named after Amanda Miller. Amanda was a competitor in the 2009 CrossFit Games and less than than a year later died of melanoma. The first workout of the 2010 CrossFit Games was named in her honor, and that’s the workout we’ll be doing on Saturday.…


Massage Therapist at the Box!

Starting next week, Kelsey Sullivan, a Massage Therapist in-training, will be at the box on Tuesday evenings. Kelsey is providing massages as part of her externship for her schooling at the National Holistic Institute in Petaluma, and is available to us for free 30-50 minute sessions. Yes, we said ‘free’.  CFSR members are welcome to…


Tara Firma Farms Meat and Produce Box

Those of you who have been members here at CFSR know that we promote a nutrient-dense diet abundant with local food: just check our nutrition page. This includes local, pasture-raised meats and local, fruits and vegetables. Eating local means eating fresher, with a noticeable difference in taste and a higher nutrient and vitamin content. It…


June Records/July Challenge

Congrats to the June challenge grand champions, Lily and Ryan Johnson.

June records:

…and the July challenge!

Give Some Love to Your Shoulders

The last month in the gym has been heavy on the shoulders. We’ve seen a lot pull ups, dips, bench press, shoulder press, some OHS…jeez, is there anything involving the upper body that doesn’t challenge the shoulders? Easy answer: no. In fact, in the list of previously-existing injuries that new members come to us with,…



Last Saturday we had “Janet’s 60th Birthday WOD” followed by some celebratory grain-free treats (almond-meal cookies), and I got numerous requests for the recipe. Which, I’m going to share, but not before I share some thoughts on “treats” in general. Because, yes, while these cookies are grain-free, they are still a treat, and sometimes people…