Stepping Up

Please welcome Michael (aka “Stock”) and Brandon to the internship program! Look for these two great guys shadowing, co-teaching, and student-teaching in the On Ramp, privates, and regular CrossFit classes. Brandon Richardson Brandon grew up in Santa Rosa and in high school played football and baseball. He is a firefighter and driver/operator with the Calistoga…



Congratulations to Brandon for completing the CrossFit Level 1 certification the weekend before last in Santa Clara. Can you spot him? (Hint: Chuck Carswell and Jason Khalipa were instructors.)

Personal Records and Pretty Things

Here are the August PRs. Big ups!

And a particularly pretty, meticulously-organized, and oh-so-readable (and useful!) strength training tracker. Guess whose?

First Month

In her first month out of the On Ramp and in regular classes, Cori got her first kipping pull ups! In his first month out of the On Ramp and in regular classes, Eddie showed up for Olympic Lifting class because he knew he wanted to work on the movements that he found most difficult.…


The Redwood Empire is Saturday!

Please drop by the town square in Cotati (aka La Plaza Park) on Saturday to watch some great weightlifting at the 2011 Redwood Empire Championships. This annual competition is hosted by our good friend Freddie Myles and is a fun, outdoor event with hay bale seating, beer, and bbq. Last year both Emily and Thomas…



Got a shoulder thing? Check out CrossFit Oakland’s shoulder clinic recap post, complete with photos and descriptions of exercises to strengthen and support your shoulders. Good stuff there. Come into the box early or stay late to complete these exercises on a regular basis, especially if you’ve got crunchy or painful shoulders that limit you…


Recap: Femme Fit Summer Edition 2011

One hundred female competitors and at least three times as many fans and spectators showed up at Alhambra High School in Martinez on Saturday for Femme Fit 2011: Summer Edition. In the competitor pool were CrossFit Santa Rosa members Carolyn and Michelle. There were five events in the day. The first was a trail run…