They Tied the Knot!

A warm congratulations to Mark and Shannon who got married last weekend in Yosemite:


muscle-up for Stock,

and pull up for Lauren.


Get Your Own

Since CFSR members are always asking where to get foam rollers and jump ropes, we’ve put up a new static page on the website, just for you to buy your own stuff! Check it out to your left in the navigation menu: Get Your Own Equipment. Perform Better is our supplier and they sell tons…


Snatch Clinic this Saturday 10 am

Please note that our regular Saturday CrossFit class will be canceled for this event: Intimidated by the Snatch? Haven’t been able to increase your 1RM? Like doing this movement and want to get better? Love it or hate it, every single member of CFSR will benefit from this class. Yes, that includes you. Saturday’s 2…


Me, You, Training, and Competitions.

Three weeks ago I competed in the 2011 NorCal Open Weightlifting meet in Snatch and Clean & Jerk. I made 5 of my 6 lifts, placed third in my weight class, and PR’d my Clean & Jerk at 74 kilos (162.8 lbs.) which I was very happy about. On our goals board earlier this year,…