Did you know?

Did you know that you can access your attendance, billing, and membership history online through Zen Planner? By logging into the ZP system, you can update or change your credit card info, your address and contact info if you’ve moved or changed your email address, or view your attendance history since the time you started…


“Free Up Your Sticky Scap”

Let’s return to prioritizing mobility work and tissue care. In honor of Leah. And with the understanding that if we don’t, we will be limiting potential gains in the strength and conditioning work for which we work so hard. First, I would like you to commit to giving yourself a good, thorough rolling one day…


Welcome On Ramp Graduates

Welcome to our latest On Ramp graduates Ben, Darlene, Yessenia, Isaak, Krishna, Jason, and Steve. If you see one of these new faces in regular classes, introduce yourself!

And now, some photos from the last couple weeks. I posted these and at least a dozen more on our facebook page as well.

Announcing the CFSR Paleo Challenge!

Here’s the challenge: 30 days of strict Paleo eating. No slips, no cheats, no “80-20” rule (this ain’t “Primal”).  It means no alcohol, no grains, no sweeteners (even the “natural” ones like honey, maple syrup, etc.), no dairy (not even butter for this). Strict.* For 30 days. Why? For better health, athletic performance (can you…


Announcing New Class Times

We are pleased to announce that beginning Monday, Februrary 28th, CFSR will offer Monday through Friday 6 am classes (replacing the TTh 6:30 am) as well as Monday through Friday 12 noon classes.

You can view our complete schedule by clicking here.

9 Good Reasons

We bet at this point you’ve heard about our upcoming Foundations of Nutrition workshop at CrossFit Santa Rosa, and you may even be considering whether you should attend.  So in preparation for the event (and because Joanna asked us to), we thought we’d take some time to address some of the questions we’re pretty sure…