A Few Words About Competition

On the Goals Board I wrote that I’m aiming to compete twice this year in Olympic weightlifting. Ugh. To tell you the truth, I kind of hate competing. And yet every time I do it, I walk away a better athlete. Preparing for competition gives purpose and focus to my training; it forces me to…


the past few weeks

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Leah On Hiatus

As some of you may know, I’ve been dealing with a back injury for about 6 months now. I’m a firefighter in my other life, and last August I herniated a spinal disc while on duty. I’ve been trying to address it with conservative measures (rest, physical therapy, etc), but about a month ago, the…


Team CFSR at the Friendly City Open

Congratulations to Carolyn, Brianna, and Majid for having the courage to step forward and compete in weightlifting for the first time last weekend. And Emily, Brianna, and Majid each bested their former PRs in the Clean and Jerk. Thank you to all four of you for breaking ground for the CFSR team. And a big…


Show Your Support!

This weekend four of our members will be competing in the Friendly City Open Olympic-style weightlifting competition right here in our own backyard. Rohnert Park is apparently a friendly city, and our friendly friends down there at Myles Ahead Fitness are hosting the meet. This event marks the debut of CFSR as a USA Weightlifting…


Foundations of Nutrition Workshop

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MWod: Downstream Leg Bits

Hey y’all, this week we’re working on stuff below the knee. Two different elements, using a lacrosse ball and a foam roller (or paralette bar). Take a look at what we’re dealing with: 1. Get on the floor with foam roller (or paralette bar), rest your leg up on the roller. Rock your calf side…


$0.02 on Flexibility

Following my last MWod post, Tom D. asked a good question in the comments section, which I’d like to address here. Tom asked if too much shoulder flexibility might be a bad thing while lifting heavy weights. Yes, you need appropriate ROM (range of motion) to lift heavy weights. Yes, you can overstretch without firing the…