Bring a Towel

The shower is in. Feel free to use it! (Both bathrooms are now unisex.)

MWod: Comprehensive Shoulder

Alrighty, grab ‘yer giant rubber bands and let’s get some flexibility in three different shoulder positions. Here’s the video, just watch the whole darn thing, try the first partner stretch on your own time, and lets do the three with the band. Remember, you can do this stuff even when it’s not the week’s MWod….…


New Skill

for the New Year! Aubrey just got her first kipping pull up! And then for “Helen” she knocked out three of them per round. Woo-hoo! “Was my chin over the bar?” she asked. Um, yes, it was.

Goals, Goals, Goals

Ever heard of “S.M.A.R.T.” goals? It’s an acronym with several variations, but here’s one version: Specific Strategies What smaller steps do you need to take to achieve this goal? Measureable How will you know you’ve met the goal? Agreed Upon Who’s involved and has everyone agreed to their role in this? Realistic Do you have…


MWod: Thoracic Opening on Double Balls

***REMINDER: New evening class schedule starts Monday, this week! There are now two evening classes – 5:30 AND 6:30 pm.*** This week is about thoracic mobility. What do I mean by “thoracic”? Your spine is divided into four functional sections: Cervical (the top 7 vertebrae in the neck, C1-C7), Thoracic (the 12 vertebrae that your…


Out with the Old

Thank you to everyone for a great year at CrossFit Santa Rosa. It has truly been a full and fulfilling year for me, and I have enjoyed working with each and every one of you. Thank you for sharing part of your lives with me; I’m so proud to play a role in the journey…


Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas to you from CFSR. Eat, rest, play…and we’ll see you on Wednesday!

CrossFit Total, December 2010

I want to give props to everyone who completed the CrossFit Total on Saturday, and highlight a couple major achievements that I am aware of. There were multiple coaches and we were focused on particular people, so I know I missed a bunch of the action. Please, please, post to comments if you established a…