MWod: Aiming for a better rack position

This week we’ll be focusing on the shoulders.  I’m not posting a video, so I’ll try to be excellent in my descriptions. There are two pieces to this mobility wod. The range-of-motion (ROM) test/retest is the front rack position. With or without a bar, see how well you can get into the front rack, elbows…


Bits, some important

1. Bowling this Saturday at Double Decker Lanes in Rohnert Park, 7-9 pm. CFSR has the lanes and shoes covered. You get your own drinks. Oh, and significant others are welcome too! 2. Christmas and New Year’s Week Hours: Friday, December 24th – Tuesday, December 28th: CLOSED All other days and classes are as usual,…


MWod: Opening the Hips

“Your job is to hunt down your tightness…only you know where you’re tight, so that’s where you need to hang out” -Kelly Starrett This week we’re focusing on hip flexibility. Although the video is focused on a deadlifting application, hip capsule mobility is terribly important to any sort of down-and-up movement. When your hips aren’t…


This Week’s Mobility Wod: Hamstrings

Your tissues are like obedient dogs, they will always come around. Always. You just have to be consistent! – Kelly Starrett This week’s MWod focuses on loosening the hamstrings and getting better range-of-motion (ROM) in the whole posterior chain. To clarify, we’re referring to the calves, hamstrings, butt, and low back – all important to…


Jump Rope Masters coming to CFSR

CrossFit Santa Rosa is proud to sponsor an inspiring assembly for the students of Pinecrest School in Sebastopol this coming Wednesday. Peter Nestler of Jump Rope Masters will show the kids a trick or two and talk about the importance of finding one’s passion in life. His, apparently, is jump roping. And anyone who knows…



Congratulations to Shane, who got his CrossFit Level I certification in Santa Clara last weekend. Shane is also a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Expect to see him shadowing and student-teaching as an intern over the next several months. Can you find him below?

Missed the Action

Congratulations to four members who got some important ‘firsts’ that we didn’t get on film. Mark got his first muscle up, Katie E got her first strict pull up, and Andrea and Alison got their first kipping pull ups. Great work all of you! Here’s our November PR list. I hear that it’s missing 1RM…