The Olden Days

Happy Anniversary to Carolyn, Eric, Josh, Tom and Kathy, TC, and Adriana, who have been training with us for one year! CrossFit Sebastopol at West County Play Station officially opened its door for business on March 31st, 2009. Carolyn was training behind the closed roll up door before we were even open. In April, Josh…


For all you paliens…

Robb Wolf, one of the more famous purveyors and researchers of The Paleo Diet, has a podcast. Robb is also engrained in the exercise community which makes him particularly interesting to listen to, as he often relates the diet info he gives to increased athletic performance as well as all-around health. The podcasts are about…



Congratulations to Suzy and Majid on their attendance and completion of the CrossFit Level 1 Certification! Nice job homies.

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Welcome to our latest On Ramp graduates: Anthony, Danny, Erin, Lauren, and Ryan. Looking forward to seeing you all in our regular classes!

About the Shoes

This is a revised repost from our old blog. Running shoes seem to be the default shoe for all general athletic activities. Going to get some exercise? Put on your running shoes. But as many of you have noticed, running shoes may be your poorest choice for the weightlifting we do at CrossFit. Let’s examine…


Watching weightlifting on youtube.

If your going to watch videos of weightlifting on youtube, be smart about it. What you engrain in your head as “good technique” will play a role in the gym. If you can already discern good from bad form when watching youtube, then you probably have some idea of what you should and should not…


CFSR at the NORCAL Sectionals

First of all, a very special thanks to Si and Dri for letting us use the RV that weekend. The RV was the 6th man, and a welcome sight for everyone after a long day. Special thanks to Emily, Dri, and Lily for cheering on those of us who competed. Having the three of you…