Bringing you the best.

Here at CrossFit Santa Rosa we are committed to bringing you the best equipment possible. Starting next week we will add a new piece to our arsenal, The Shake Weight. Now you may question the validity of this instrument because its recently been catching lots of attention on TV. The Shake Weight however is a…



Please note that we will be closed Saturday, March 27th. We’re headed to the NorCal Sectional Qualifiers for the 2010 CrossFit Games! Check that link for updates over the weekend, and also check the CrossFit main page over the next several days, as there’s likely to be some video from the NorCal qualifiers posted there.…


The Siborg Strikes Again

And again, and again, and again. In our huge and growing list of March Personal Records, Si is listed not once, not thrice, but five times. Thursday night he upped his 1 rep max deadlift by fifty pounds! Seems that he’s finally recognizing how much of a mental game this is, and how darn strong…



All of you came into the gym with a goal in mind. You wanted to get stronger, leaner, healthier etc. Some of you had a more specific mark in mind; bigger total, muscle up, double unders. If you are one of those people who have reached their goal, Congratufreakinglations! But may I suggest you establish…


T-Shirts are Here!

Men’s only, on black or light gray t-shirt. Closed pocket knife on front.

Marathon Runner vs. Sprinter

This is a classic side by side of two very different athletes. For various reasons, many hormonal, the body composition of an endurance athlete is much different than that of an athlete spending most their time in a shorter and more intense domain.

Which do you think is more apt to tackle life’s challenges?