Member Stories

Big gains in strength and down two pants sizes

“I consistently saw big gains in my strength, my speed and my body composition. I went down a shirt size and two pants sizes in 4 months. I ran my second Spartan Race in Monterey… I wasn’t physically crushed the next day and had enough left in the tank to take the family to the Monterey Bay Aquarium.”

Daniel Voit


In the best shape of my life and doing amazing things

“After more than 40 years of serial gym memberships, I have found a fitness community and routine that works. At 60, I am doing amazing things and in the best shape of my life. I am having fun and look forward to going to the gym. In fact it’s hard for me to stay away.”

Madeline Schnapp

Researcher and Writer

I'm faster, stronger and more flexible

“It has helped my skating so much. It has made me faster and stronger. I have noticed a huge difference in my shoulder flexibility. It’s a relief to come into the gym and have the workout laid out for me. I am able to achieve to the results I want in an efficient manner.”

Ninotchka Vicini

Professional Ice Skater

Reaching my goals, challenging myself, and having fun!

“I’m excited how much fun this whole process is. Each day is a challenge, so I’m not getting bored. My most significant improvement came in the form of a mindset that I am in control of my health and fitness and I can do anything through hard work and commitment. This isn’t a fad diet or program; this is a life change.”

Rob Izzo

Tasting Room Manager

Best investment in myself - and down 25 pounds!

“My primary motivator for joining SRSC at nearly 64 years old was a bone density test showing I had bone loss of 4.6% from 2 years earlier and was now considered Osteopenia, a precursor to Osteoporosis.  My entire life, I have been physically active between cycling, jogging, and hiking, and, I also was on a regime of Calcium, & Vitamin D, but it clearly wasn’t enough.   The technician cautioned me that the only thing that would help to reverse bone loss was regular weight bearing exercise.


Given this was something I clearly needed to get serious about, and I knew trying to do it on my own never worked in the past, I started checking out different gym options, including CrossFit, which was becoming very popular, and that is how I got connected with SRSC three years ago, through a 6-Week Introduction Program they were offering, and I have never turned back.  I have been so grateful for the support and care they put into preparing my own custom program that is unique to my abilities, along with their diverse conditioning classes, which are always changing and challenging.  I have found SRSC unlike any previous gym experience where they mostly would get you started and then let you fend for yourself.      

Best of all though, I just retested my bone density, and in a little over 2 years, I have gone from -4.6% to +1.9%, and am no longer Osteopenia and back in the Normal range!!!!! “

Joyce Orecchia

Team Manager

If I had only started this earlier!

Growing up as a girl in the 60’s on Long Island didn’t offer me many choices to get involved in sports.  In fact, ballet was about my only choice.  I took those ballet lessons for a while but more fun was had hanging out in the school yard, so hanging out became my sport of choice.  My parents were golfers and walking the course was about the extent of their exertion.

In 1976 I got into a Fiat and headed west, where I settled down, got married, had a son and every so often I would attempt running or jazzercise classes but never stuck with much. 

Somewhere in the early 90’s, life became extremely challenging as I was stricken with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  My life became simplified to doctors appointments and not much else.  Making it to the kitchen for food was more than I could manage some days.  This illness is like having the worst case of the flu that doesn’t go away.  I was completely disabled and dependent on others to help me get by.  I was losing faith and hope after years of this.  But as luck would have it, I am one of the fortunate ones, for I have recovered.

It was during my recovery that I found 40’s style swing dancing.  My body could only manage one lesson a week but during those lessons I found joy again.  I stuck with dance and continued to get stronger. 

It was about this point that I joined the YMCA and was on the road to becoming healthier.  I started swimming distance, which I enjoyed greatly and I swam regularly. 

Turning 60 was a huge change for me.  It was at that point that I thought I would start challenging myself  physically and I hired a swim coach. Instead of the long distance swimming, I worked on sprinting and I entered the Senior Games.  I realized I had a competitive side and came from the games feeling prouder than ever and sporting a few gold medals.

“So what’s next?” I asked myself and off to Santa Rosa Strength & Conditioning to take just one month of training to help me do more at the YMCA.  Well, that was 8 months ago and I love my CrossFit trainings.  There’s an element of competition for me daily.   Always wanting to lift more, run faster, one more pull up, etc.  Now on the few days I am not at the gym, I am working on my running, which continues to be a challenge for me.”

I have uncovered a tenacity I never knew I had.  I’m accomplishing my goals and realizing that there’s no need to give into getting old.  Work your body and it will work for you. 

Although I never would have predicted this course of life for me, I am grateful each day I complete another workout.

Ilene Reeve

Office Manager