“SRSC is helping to correct my overall health and fitness. When I first got there they assessed where I was at and plotted a course that would correct my weaknesses…These people are skilled at what they do and care about helping you get positive results.” – Jess Y.

Nikee Huntington

President and General Manager

Nikee is the President, General Manager and a Coach at Santa Rosa Strength and Conditioning. She originally joined the SRSC community as a client in 2014 and quickly found great athletic success. In 2015, she first began working for SRSC as the marketing assistant, then the administrative assistant. In April 2017, Nikee followed her passion to it’s core and became a new owner of SRSC.

Amanda Crutcher

Amanda loves to introduce athletes to functional movement and help bring awareness to the benefits and joy of moving well. She is particularly good at helping fix people that are ‘broken’ using methods drawn from the various systems she is trained in, such as Yoga Tune Up, MoveNat, and CrossFit.
Health and wellness have always been guiding passions for Amanda. She studied biology and nutrition as an undergraduate, worked as a licensed acupuncturist, has taught yoga and meditation for decades, and is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Nutrition and Functional Medicine.