Nikee Huntington

Nikee Huntington is truly an SRSC success story. She joined our community as a client in 2014 and quickly found great success: she became faster, stronger, and leaner – and felt like an athlete for the first time. This was after losing over a hundred pounds on her own! Behind the scenes, she first began working for SRSC as our marketing assistant, then our administrative assistant, and now as the Owner, General Manager and Coach.

Nikee embodies what SRSC stands for. A mother of two, she is a model for her children of a strong and able woman. She has faced some major challenges in her life, one of which was losing weight and getting healthy again, and demonstrated how grit is developed by facing and overcoming personal challenges. Most of all, she understands the incredible mental, emotional, and physical rewards that come from strength and fitness training. Nikee’s great passion now is to help others experience these results too, and she gets to do that in her leadership role at SRSC both on and off the gym floor.