Rachel Langer

Rachel started at SRSC as an intern and is now a Strength Coach. In college she joined a school crew team which sparked her interest in the exercise industry, which eventually led her to try more diverse exercise regimes such as running, yoga and CrossFit.
Her eclectic experiences have taught her the value which physical activity plays in one’s wellbeing.  As a Kinesiology student, Rachel’s passion is working with others to reveal his or her own potential and help them achieve the best quality of life possible through fitness and lifestyle.
Rachel’s personal fitness goal, and her goal for all of her clients, is to train to be ready for any scenario life may throw, whether it be hiking up Half Dome, racing a Spartan race, or having the stamina to chase kids around in the park.
Following her last year at Sonoma State she hopes to go into nursing school to pursue a career as a Nurse Practitioner in Functional medicine. In addition to coaching and school, Rachel is a Medical Assistant at a local Family Practice.