Valerie O’Hara

Valerie is a Group Fitness coach at SRSC! Fitness has been a major passion of Valerie’s and she loves being able to share that part of her life with others. Being able to witness the transformation in people, seeing them become stronger and more confident each day is beautiful experience that she feels lucky to partake in. Being in a gym gives her the same comforting feeling she gets when she walks into her own home after a long day.

Fitness has always been a huge part of Valerie’s life. She has a wide background in sports including: gymnastics, track, soccer, competitive cheerleading, snowboarding, skateboarding and wakeboarding. Now that she no longer competes, Valerie tries to do something different each day: sprint, jog, hike, swim, HIIT, strength, conditioning, weights/bodyweight exercises.

Valerie is also a hair stylist at Lauthr Salon.