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  • I belonged to another gym for years. You got a half hour orientation with no instruction and workouts were not stimulating. Then I came to SRSC. It was hard but motivational and instructional. The one thing I was not expecting but truly appreciated was the holistic approach to strength and conditioning. The other thing I love about SRSC is learning. The staff is always training, teaching, and motivating.

    Phillip Marquand
  • I’m excited how much fun this whole process is. Each day is a challenge for me, so I’m not getting bored. My most significant improvement …came in the form of a mindset that I am in control of my health and fitness and I can do anything through hard work and commitment. This isn’t a fad diet or program; this is a change to how I live.

    Rob Izzo
    Tasting Room Manager
  • It has helped my skating so much. It has made me faster and stronger. I have noticed a huge difference in my shoulder flexibility. It’s a relief to come into the gym and have the workout laid out for me. I am able to achieve to the results I want in an efficient manner.

    Ninotchka Vicini
    Professional Ice Skater
  • After more than 40 years of serial gym memberships, I have found a fitness community and routine that works. At 60, I am doing amazing things…most importantly, I am in the best shape of my life, I am having fun and look forward to going to the gym. In fact it is hard for me to stay away.

    Madeline Schnapp
    Researcher and Writer
  • I consistently saw big gains in my strength, my speed and my body composition. I went down a shirt size and two pants sizes in 4 months. I ran my second Spartan Race in Monterey…I wasn’t physically crushed the next day and had enough left in the tank to take the family to the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

    Daniel Voit
  • I signed up at Santa Rosa Strength and Conditioning and fell in love with the movements, endless learning potential and immediate changes I saw in my body. I come home a happier person. It feels good to have finally found a fitness home.

    Sarah Rives Gray