Three Bullet Thursday 3/3/16

Swiped from Tim Ferris’s 5-Bullet Friday, I’m doing my own Three Bullet Thursday. These are 3 things I’m thinking about this week:

shape_2011_021. How messed up it is that people still think that ‘fit’ is defined by how you look.
And how finally a mainstream women’s magazine published an article that makes sense and talks real rather than telling us about the newest way to lose 10 lbs. Why Getting Bigger Can Be a Better Fitness Goal Than Getting Smaller.

ithacaLocker2. Communal Meat Lockers.
You rent freezer space to store the large quantities of meat you get from buying bulk, like splitting a cow (which brings the cost of pastured meat down). Good for the farmer and good for the consumer. Very cool. Read more here.

parchment-paper-cut-to-size13. Parchment Paper.

Parchment paper + throwing everything and anything onto a sheet pan lined with it = the easiest one pan meal ever, with no clean up. Win!

I imagine we all know how to roast vegetables. Well I like to toss some meat, like sausage, in with the vegetables on the pan. The juices ooze into the veggies and it’s perfect. I also take the pan out when the veggies are almost done, crack a few eggs in the middle and return the pan for just a few more minutes until the eggs are cooked. The parchment paper makes the whole thing so easy.