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We are Santa Rosa’s leader in providing the most effective functional and athletic training for strength, rehab, and fitness.

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Nikee Huntington

Head Coach

Nikee is the Head Coach at Santa Rosa Strength and Conditioning. She originally joined the SRSC community as a client in 2014 and quickly found great athletic success. In 2015, she first began working for SRSC as the marketing assistant, then the administrative assistant. In April 2017, Nikee followed her passion to it’s core and became a new owner of SRSC.

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SRSC offers custom individual training & group training programs. Compete against yourself, compete against others – always moving forward.

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You’ll learn to lift and train – gaining confidence in lifts and movements. Our trainers are always available to guide you, spot you, and instruct.

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Our group training classes include something for everyone. Challenging training alongside a team of supportive, motivated athletes like you.